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Beautiful beaches a few kilometers waiting to be discovered!

Plataria Beach



"Red Rock" Beach

    "Kalami" Beach

"Gata" Beach

"Nautilos" Beach


The holiday complex Stone and Sea can be considered the perfect base for winter or summer vacations in Epirus, combining relaxing holidays with educational visits to nearby archaeological sites and to other sites around Epirus.

Beautiful beaches, archaeological sites, monasteries and churches are some of the places you can visit in the area.

In addition, there are historical and natural sites of interest in Epirus and places of interest like the archaeological monuments of Nekromanteio, Nikopolis, Dodoni, Parga, Acheron river, Souli, Paxos islands, Corfu and other nearby places. Places further afield include Metsovo, Zagorohoria and Tzoumerka.


Around Plataria



     Plataria Igoumenitsa (10km) Sivota (12km) Parga (26 km)


Plataria: You can visit and relax at one of the beautiful beaches. The beaches which can be found in Plataria cater for every taste. You can find anything from quiet family beaches to lively beaches with beach bars for the young visitors.

Igoumenitsa (10km): The capital of Thesprotia, which boasts the busiest port in western Greece, with regular connections to Corfu and Paxos.

Sivota (12km): The cosmopolitan  Sivota is not known as the “Caribbean of Greece” for nothing! A top tourist destination with unique natural beauty.

Parga (26 km): The cosmopolitan and picturesque Parga with its emerald green islands and historic castle.

The River Acheron: At the foot of the Souli mountains, the springs of Acheron. Located in totally peaceful surroundings and unique natural beauty. The rich vegetation and the clean waters of the river compose a setting of special beauty. Combine your trip to Acheron River with hiking,horseriding and canoe kayak.


Excursions to the Ionian Islands



Corfu Paxos/Antipaxos Lefkada


Sightseeing in nearby locations



The River Acheron (40 km) Nekromanteio (38 Km)  Souli and the legendary Zaloggo (50km) Ancient Gitani (24 km)




        Monastery of Giromeri (32 km)                 Sagiada- a picturesque fishing village (30 km)     Ioannina-Ancient Dodoni ( 70 km)      Metsovo-Zagorohoria-Tzoumerka (120 km)


Plataria is one of the most beautiful, traditional seaside villages of Thesprotia and has the central office for the Municipality of Sivota. Plataria is built on a bay, between the two capes of

Agionisi and Ieronisi, between the ports of Igoumenitsa and Sivota. The bay of Plataria harmoniously combines the mostly rocky mountains with the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea.

It is a very picturesque and quiet village with modern conveniences, marinas for mooring sailing boats, a beach, public areas and green spaces.

It is a beautiful village which focuses on the hospitality of tourists, offering cafes and restaurants, as well as fish taverns serving fish caught by local fishermen. You can be seated at tables on the sand, for a truly romantic dinner right on the shore. Enjoy the endless view of the sea and the mountains, with a cool breeze to complete the idyllic surroundings. The sunset is particularly impressive.